7:00 p.m. Monday, April 13, 2015

Oakland Acres Maintenance Building


Call Meeting to Order:Mayor Smith called the council meeting to order at 7:02 p.m.

Roll Call:Barb Arthur Joyce Halblom, Roger Fisher, Doug Weaver and Ted Schultz were present. Absent: None.
Also present:Mike Wherry and Lori Smith, city clerk

Inquiries from the Community:Questions concerning opening a gun service shop in a private home.No ammunition would be sold. Clerk will email with the findings of the council.Will make decision by next meeting.
Also had a complaint of a resident with lots of items sitting around the home.Clerk will draft a letter to notify the resident to clean up the property by May 5.

Approval of Minutes:Schultz moved to approve the minutes of the March 9, 2015, meeting.Fisher seconded.Ayes:All.

Treasurerís Report:Halblom moved to approve the March report as submitted. Arthur seconded. Ayes:All.

Payment of Bills: Fisher moved to approve payment of the bills.Weaver seconded.Ayes:All.

Payable to:

†††† Amount:


Alliant Energy





Employee retirement

Lori Smith


December Salary

Lori Smith


Easter Egg Hunt supplies

Lennie Smith


Gravel on roadways/snow removals

Scott Nikkel Trucking


Gravel for roads

B3 Property Services


Snow removal - 2/26 - 2/27

Dodd's Trash & Recycling


Two months city-wide recycling

Iowa State Auditor


Periodic exam fee

Iowa League of Cities


ECIC Meeting - Halblom/Smith

United States Treasury


1st Qtr. 2015 payroll taxes



Mayorís Opening Address and Report:Parks and Recreation Committee will be meeting on April 27, 2015, at the maintenance building, to elect officers and review duties of the committee.Clerk will coordinate with Carol Cerqua about promoting the meeting.Jasper Co. Emergency Meeting will be held on Wednesday in Newton at 1:30 p.m.

Old Business††††††††††††††††††††

Grasses for Dam: Joyce Halblom checked into planting native grasses on the dam, and presented a quote for seeding.The grass would need to be mowed the first year, but would not need to be in future years.Schultz made a motion to accept the bid to seed the dam.Weaver seconded. Ayes:All.

Road Construction: Mayor Smith has contacted Cessford.We are second on their list of projects for the year, which may be as early as mid-May.Also providing another estimate of extending the roadwork.They do not do curbing.Discussed putting posts by curve on Fore Seasons Drive, but can't place in front of electric box.May need to put a higher curb instead on the west side of the road.

Easter Egg Hunt:Good turnout.Pictures are on the City Facebook page.

Siren:Will hire a lift to have Sieck Electric look at the siren and attempt to have it fixed..

New Business

ECIC meeting: Will be held in May at the Oskaloosa Pizza Ranch, at a cost of $10, with a review of legislative changes.No interest in attending. We will plan to hold the meeting at the Clubhouse in November.

Cleanup Day:Discussed making a list of projects to complete on May 16th Cleanup Day.Email clerk with any ideas concerning projects.††

Dumpster Rules:No tires, hazardous liquids, appliances, TVs, or computers.Will post signs on dumpsters.

Speed Limit:DOT denied our request for lowering the speed limit on Highway 6, due to the lack of accidents on that stretch of road.Our next step might be to contact our state representative.Schultz will contact the Sheriff's department and will see who else we should contact.

Fish Stock:Will be stocking the lake in the near future from North Star Hatchery.

FEMA:Chuck Griffith will complete the culvert before the end of the quarter.Need to mulch the limbs at the bottom of the dam.Smith will rent a shredder to complete this before city-wide cleanup day.

Council Report:Fisher has submitted his resignation from the council, as he is moving out of the community.Smith thanked Fisher for his nine years of service on the council. Will need to

Clerk Report: Received a letter requesting funds for the Grinnell After Prom Party.Schultz made a motion to donate $50 to the We Care 2015 Party.Seconded by Arthur.Ayes:All.Also, website has now been updated.

Maintenance Report:Hoping to get remainder of FEMA of projects completed by May 31. Remember to watch for the maintenance worker while working or on the mower, as well as walkers and golf carts.Also be sure to clean up after your dogs when walking.

Adjournment:Schultz moved to adjourn the meeting at8:30p.m.Fisher seconded.Ayes:All.

1These minutes are as recorded by the City Clerk and are subject to council approval at the next City Council meeting.


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Lennie Smith, Mayor††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Lori Smith, City Clerk